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Product Image
HIFIMan HM-801
0 Reviews
rating  0 of 5
MSRP  700.00
Description: Modular Design: Modular Amplifier Bay (Named GanQi Bay) and 14.8 volt Lithium Polymer Battery Bay<br> Memory: SDHC Card<br> Volume control: ALPS Analog Attenuator<br> DAC function: Coaxial (16bit 44.1kHz to 24bit 96kHz) , USB DAC (16bit 48kHz)<br> DAC Chip: Burr-Brown PCM1704; <br> Op-Amp: OPA627 Exchangeable Module Battery<br> Charger and External Power supply: External Power supply also acts as a bettery charger and can deliver Hi-Fi grade sound quality even while charging.


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