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Gravis HipZip Digital Audio Player
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Description: Introducing the HipZip Digital Audio Player. This portable device gives you skip-free, CD-quality sound in a cool, compact design. The HipZip also doubles as a PocketZip storage device, so you can download and transport spreadsheets, images and more. With the new HipZip, Iomega makes it easy to collect and organize your music.Read about some of the key features of HipZip:it's Durable: The HipZip Digital Audio Player offers you solid protection from accidents or spills. And the full metal housing on each PocketZip disk offers an equally durable media. Click here to see a QuickTime movie example of just how solid the PocketZip media really is.It's Affordable: Click here for chart One 40MB PocketZip disk (at a cost of $10) carries over 80 minutes of your favorite music that you can play on your HipZip digital audio player. At that price, anyone can build up an affordable portable music collection. It's Portable: Move your music from one PocketZip disk to another without any reformatting, and then carry it in your HipZip digital audio player wherever you go. Whether you're in your office or at the football game. it's Securable:PocketZip disks are uniquely serialized, so your player can tell one disk from another. You use your serial number to lock content onto your disk. Also, the Windows Media Player 7 comes with Windows Rights Manager, so your content cannot be opened on an unauthorized disk.


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