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Digisette DUO-64 (64 MB) MP3 Player
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Description: The new evolution in digital audio is here! Only the DUO Digital Player works as both a stand-alone MP3 and digital audio book player, and a digital E-cassette you can play in your car... in a boombox... anywhere! The rechargeable Nickel Metal Hydride battery allows you to enjoy uninterrupted music for up to 6 hours and up to 9 hours of spoken word. USB connection enables fast download speeds, while the sleek aluminum body provides the utmost in portability. What's more, the adjustable head control feature allows you to optimize the DUO for different cassette decks, enabling maximum compatibility and audio fidelity. ??DUO Players are also AudibleReady. Audible is the Internet's largest, most diverse provider of premium spoken word audio for download or playback on personal computers or AudibleReady mobile devices. Audible has more than 28, 000 hours of audio programs and 160 content providers so one can use their DUO Player to listen to a daily audio digest of The Wall Street Journal, for example, or weekl...


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