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Product Image
Dane-Elec DAM408MZ2 Digital Media Player
0 Reviews
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MSRP  150.00
Description: The Dane-Elec MEIZU Portable Video and Music player reads the most popular formats such as MP3, DRM 9 and WMA for audio, MPEG4 for video and JPEG, DMP and GIF photos. Its 2.4-inch TFT High Definition widescreen LCD has 262K Colors for high quality display. Its sleek design and compact size lets the MEIZU be slightly larger than a business card and only 55 grams. Its intuitive Interface and selection button enables you to browse easily from photos to music and videos with up to 20 hours of Battery life. The Touch Pad controls, File browser, built-in microphone, voice Recording function, stopwatch, calendar, calculator, games and various others can be loaded via a USB 2.0 port


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