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Product Image
Archos Ondio 128 FM Recorder 128 MB MP3 Player
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Description: Now recording from the radio into MP3 is lighter than ever! Record your favorite songs from the ONDIO built-in FM tuner into MP3, just as easily as you would do with a cassette deck. Only this time, you are recording into the one of the smallest MP3 recorder/players available on the market. For radio recording the ARCHOS ONDIO is equipped with a unique 30-second retro-record buffer. This allows you to record complete songs even if you press the record button after the song has started! It also enables you to edit your recordings once they are registered. Listen to the radio on your built-in FM tuner, store a minimum of 2 hours of CD-quality MP3 music either from your computer, or record straight from the built-in FM tuner or any other analog audio source. Use the built-in microphone to turn it into digital Dictaphone during meetings or to remember important ideas that come to you while you are on the move. The voice record capacity is minimal 4 hours.


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