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Product Image
American Anko MP-1GC 1 GB MP3 Player
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Description: Looking for a versatile MP3 that combines masterful performance with an eye-catching design… at a very low price? There’s no better value than this blue AVB 1GB multi-format player. This snazzy little player supports MP3, WMA, WMV, ASF and WAV music files. It features a dandy backlight dot matrix multi-color LCD screen, ID3 tag display showing the artist and song title, and external voice recording, too. The AVB MP3 player also offers memory for 20 FM radio stations, external voice recording, and a high-quality sound equalizer with normal, jazz, classic, rock, pop and bass settings. So small you can put it on a key chain and take it anywhere! And so inexpensive that you’re not going to find a better deal for an MP3 player of comparable quality.


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