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Product Image
Samson Technology Zoom Telephonics Bluetooth transmittr 3g4gipod AC Adapter, Transmitter & Receiver
0 Reviews
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MSRP  37.00
Description: Zoom Telephonics iHiFi provides a Bluetooth wireless link between your iPod and your home audio system. Relax with your iPod on a couch and play songs on your stereo; or dance, play, or work while your iPod plays on your sound system. Pump up the music! Use your iPod to rock the house. Control the song selection, playlist, and volume from your iPod. No more shuffling through CDs to find the song that's right for right now. And it couldn't be easier. The Transmitter just plugs into your iPod. Because the Transmitter is powered directly by the iPod, no batteries or cables are required. You don't need a computer, and no software is involved. Industry-standard Bluetooth digital wireless technology assures low battery consumption, excellent range, and high-fidelity sound. Much better than FM adapters, iHiFi can even penetrate walls, floors, and doors.


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