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KINYO DS-122 iPod Audio Docking Station with 2.1 Speaker System
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MSRP  70.00
Description: The DS-122, 2.1 audio docking system, adds on astonishing real stereo sound that compliment with your home theater system. It works with all iPod, including iPod Video, iPod Mini and iPod Nano and compatible with any other digital music players with a 3.5mm input connection. The system produces total output power of 18 watts, with two satellites of four 1" metal micro drivers that produces 3 watts RMS each channel. The subwoofer contains 5" metal subwoofer driver and produces 12 watts RMS, that delivers powerful bass. Now you can experience a room-filled of vibrant sound effect from your iPod sound tracks. While the music is playing, it recharges your iPod. With DS-122, you will experience the incredible bass and stunning sound that brings you a total concert hall performance. So, sit back and listen.


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