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MSRP  66.00
Description: Establishes Full Functions Of The Iluv Alarm Clock Application (Available From Itunes App Store). Iluv Alarm Clock App Becomes A Big Display Digital Alarm Clock With Weather Information Set Multiple Alarms And Wake To Favorite Playlist. Watch Youtube Videos, Movies, Run Apps Or Play Games While Docked. Jaura Technology Optimally Balances Forward-Firing Sound And Backward Boost. Adjustable Mounting Bracket To Support Docked Ipod /Iphone. Built With Dynamic Acoustic Speaker Chambers To Enhance Sound Clarity. 90 Rollover Design Stands Horizontally Or Vertically To Match The Ipod Video Or Iphone Touch Screen Aspect. Powerful Amplifiers Provide Better Efficiency And Performance. Aux-In For Audio Devices With 3.5Mm Jack. Plays And Charges Ipod While Docked. Power On/Off Button With Led Indicator.


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