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Product Image
iLuv 9 Portable Multimedia Player Earphone / Headphone for iPod and DVDs - I1166
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MSRP  311.00
Description: iLuv i1166 is a 8.9" portable multimedia player for your iPod and DVDs.Play video content of your iPod on the 8.9" widescreen digital TFT LCD. Full control of your iPod with user friendly graphic interface. Charge your iPod when docked. Compatible with all iPod with video capability. Watch your favorite movie or TV show files on SD/MMC memory card or USB flash drive. Divx certified. Play DVD videos on the widescreen digital TFT LCD. Enhanced user interface with detailed controls. Convenient OSD (On-Screen Display). Multiple subtitle, angle, and audio functions. Fast motion playback. Supports 3 power sources.


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