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MSRP  41.00
Description: Navigate maximizes convenient control of your iPod. It has control buttons your fingers can easily locate by touch, and it restores the tactile feedback of the iconic click wheel to touchscreen models. (Which comes in pretty handy when you're using it in a car and need to keep your eyes on the road.)About the size of a pack of matches, Navigate gives you a generous OLED information screen (for when you need to glance at it), on/off, play, volume and EQ controls, and an FM stereo radio. Tuck your iPod out of sight, but keep controls close at hand. Features stereo mini-jack for headphone connections with FM radio and volume control. iPhone users - Just plug Navigate into your dock connector, then connect your headset to the headphone jack of your iPhone to listen and talk.Griffin's standalone radio interaction program, iFM, will integrate seamlessly with Navigate.


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