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Product Image
Emerson Portable Sound System Docking Station (IP100SLA) for iPod
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MSRP  21.00
Description: The portable iPod sound system by Emerson allows you to listen to music from your iPod without the confinement of earphones. Simply place your iPod in the front-mounted docking station and enjoy the clear, crisp sound of your music projecting from the wide-range 3-inch speakers with dynamic bass boost system. The dynamic bass boost system enhances the quality of sound and heightens your listening experience. Player is compatible with all dockable Apple iPod models and will charge iPod battery while docked so you’re sure to have enough power when you take it mobile. If you’re tired of listening to your iPod, press the button to switch to the AM/FM radio. Player features rotary controls for radio frequency and volume, and pushbutton controls for band and function controls. Clock, timer and frequency station is displayed on the player’s digital screen. Use the player as a personal alarm clock and wake in the morning to the radio or buzzer alarm.


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