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Product Image
Emerson Barbie Petal BAR710 Sound System
0 Reviews
rating  0 of 5
MSRP  59.00
Description: Barbie Petal Sound Systemfor iPod. Girls can listen to their music in style with this fun Made for iPod speaker system, featuring bright pink and purple flower speakers and light pink buttons. The Barbie Petal Sound System Made for iPod includes a pink gemstone fun button that activates a light ring around the system. The speaker system features a Made For iPod top-mounted docking station, 2 dynamic full range speakers, stereo headphone jack, RCA video out jack and an alarm with snooze button. The system works with Apple iPods® (including Mini, Nano, 5G, and Video) as well as our Barbie Petal MP3 Player and recharges iPod batteries when connected to the docking station.


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