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Digital Life Outfitters Action Jacket (005-1111) (Black) Case for Creative ZEN Micro
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Description: The DLO Action Jacket is the ultimate case for the active owner. This is the perfect way to exercise your Zen. You can take your player with you wherever you go using the Action Jacket's workout armband or rotating belt clip. Whatever color Creative Zen Micro you have, DLO has an Action Jacket that will fully protect it during any activity. Action Jacket is stylish, padded case that features a play-thru design so you never have to remove your Creative Zen to get to its controls. The comfortable, workout-ready armband fits any arm size from toothpick to python. The belt clip securely attaches the Zen Micro anywhere for a perfect "hipside" fit. The Action Jacket's custom design is a seamless balance of function and style. The Action Jacket provides the most protection and mobility available for your Zen. It's a case, belt clip and workout armband in one complete package.


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