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Denon iDock (ASD-1RWT) Docking Station for Apple iPod
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Description: The ASD-1R, also know as the Denon iDock, is the latest from Denon to provide a newer and more convienent connection for iPod users to compatible Denon components (the AVR-2807 is the first to feature a dedicated Dock Port). The iDock is available in black or white finishes, and includes all connecting cables as well as adaptors to accomodate the many different sizes of iPods (Minis, Nano, Photo, Video etc). iPod users will feel the power of 'Command and Control' with the iDock and the Denon component it is connected to with features like on-screen display of all metadata (playlists, artist, song etc), full remote control of accessing audio files and the iDock will even charge the iPod. Photos and videos from compatible iPods are also handled with the iDock.


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