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Product Image
Archos 501194 Archos 5 Battery Dock Docking Station
0 Reviews
rating  0 of 5
MSRP  50.00
Description: Specially designed for your trips, the Battery Dock is the ideal travel companion for your ARCHOS 5 Internet Media Tablet. The power adapter will fully charge your ARCHOS 5 battery in less than 2 hours and increase the autonomy of your tablet. With its USB 2.0 host and cable, it lets you transfer your files directly from almost USB keys, digital cameras, PC or Macs, or any other portable media players. With the highquality SVideo output, or with the standard quality composite output, and the stereo audio connections you can watch all you videos on your TV. And if you eventually run out of battery on your ARCHOS 5, the dock backup battery takes over so you get extended playback time. All of this with a little stick no bigger than a pack of gum.


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