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Product Image
Onkyo EX 1850
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Description: What will amaze you about this CD receiver system is not it's size, which is one of the most compact in the industry, but its sound quality, which is nothing short of remarkable - especially at this price. We left off the ""bells & whistles"" found on other mini-systems, and concentrated on the important things, like sonic purity and ease of use. Advanced technology taken directly from the LS-209's bigger siblings, such as discrete stage outputs, 4-ohm low-impedance-drive capability, high-quality, oversized capacitors, a single-bit D/A converter, and an incredibly precise laser pickup that can even read CD-R's, give this unit powerful, robust sound that belies it's size. Best of all, its well-laid out front panel and full list of features such as a digital stereo tuner, inputs for a CD-R and a tape/MD player, an optical digital output, a subwoofer pre out, a 4-step Acoustic Presence control, and a sleep timer make this outstanding performer a pleasure to use and own.


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