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Product Image
JBL SG3030 3 CD AM FM Cassette Mini System
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MSRP  349.00
Description: - Up to 4dB louder than other mini systems.<br>- Genuine JBL 3-way, quad-drive loud speakers.<br>- 3-Disc CD changer with random and continues play.<br>- Playlist programmable up to 20 tracks.<br>- AM/FM stereo RDS tuner with 30 presets.<br>- Dual full-logic cassette decks with high-speed and CD sync dubbing.<br>- Sophisticated digital processing.<br>- Equalizer modes for rock, pop, jazz, or classical.<br>- Outstanding connectivity features.<br>- Front and rear panel digital outputs for CD-R and MD recording.<br>- Subwoofer output for upgrading to an external powered sub.<br>- Dual alarm for wake-up or timer recording.<br>- Sleep timer up to 90 minutes.<br>- Full functional infrared remote control with batteries included.


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