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Product Image
Denon D-M71DVS
0 Reviews
rating  0 of 5
MSRP  525.00
Description: <ul> <li>High-performance 96-kHz/24-bit A/D, D/A converters</li> <li>Quick Set Up function</li> <li>Dedicated headphone amplifier equipped</li> <li>Adjustable Cross-Over Switching for subwoofer</li> <li>Auto Power Off</li> <li>Playable discs: DVD-Video, VCD, CD-DA, CD-R, CD-RW</li> <li>Plays JPEG files recorded on CD-R/RW discs</li> <li>Plays Kodak Picture CD and FUJICOLOR CD</li> <li>S-Video and Component Outputs</li> <li>Equipped with optical digital inputs and outputs</li> <li>Tone controls and Super Dynamic Bass (SDB) circuit</li> </ul>


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