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Product Image
Altec Lansing MHP136
0 Reviews
rating  0 of 5
MSRP  16.00
Description: Fine musicians prefer natural wood instruments for their beauty and sound quality. You'll appreciate Muzx 136 real wood noise-isolating earphones for the same reasons. The unique acoustic chamber is made from wood specially chosen for its sonic quality. Just like a wood speaker cabinet, Muzx 136 reproduces music with excellent harmonics so the sound is full, smooth, and wonderfully warm. These earphones are lightweight and durable enough for everyday use. Plus, you'll never see another pair like yours because of differences in natural wood grain and color. The SnugFit design provides passive noise reduction and enhanced audio quality at lower listening levels. <ul> <li>Natural hardwood for improved sound</li> <li>Powerful 9 mm neodymium speakers</li> <li>SnugFit design</li> <li>MP3, iPod and iPhone compatible (music only)</li> <li>Gold-plated plug for superior sound transfer</li> </ul>


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