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Product Image
Russound OB-5 Main / Stereo Speaker
0 Reviews
rating  0 of 5
MSRP  115.00
Description: The OB-5 OutBack two-way OutBack indoor / outdoor speakers provide rugged, versatile, weatherproof, high-quality sound anywhere. OutBack speakers are engineered with water-resistant, weather-tight cabinets, and feature specially selected drivers capable of withstanding rain, snow, heat, salt water and the sun's UV rays. The low-resonance polypropylene cabinet coupled with high-quality hardware, and gold-plated binding posts form a handsome solid speaker. The OutBacks are truly both indoor and outdoor speakers. They have an Indoor / Outdoor Bass Enhancement Circuit that switches the bass to the listening environment. The Bass Boost increases the bass to compensate for the loss of low frequencies in outdoor environments while protecting the speaker from overdrive damage. The sturdy wall-mount brackets are useful for both indoor and outdoor placement, but the OutBacks also have built-in feet making it at home as a free-standing speaker. OutBack weatherproof speakers all come complete with marine-grade mountin...


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