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Product Image
Niles Audio Corporation HD8R
0 Reviews
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MSRP  350.00
Description: Niles®'s High Definition HD8R in-wall speakers deliver beautiful sound with bass response all the way down to 40 Hz. And since they mount inside your walls, they won't take up any floor space! This model features an 8" injection-molded TCC (talc, carbon, and ceramic) polypropylene woofer and a 1" Teteron® tri-laminate tweeter, mounted on a rigid baffle reinforced with anti-resonant wave bracing to reduce sound-muddying vibrations. If you're planning a whole-house audio system, or prefer a stealthy installation in your main listening room, these speakers provide a great-sounding (and great-looking) solution. <p /> The HD8R in-wall speakers use a quick and easy mounting system. They include everything you'll need (except speaker wires) to install them in your walls. The grilles are paintable, making it easy to blend the speakers into your decor. <p /> Key Features: <p /> <ul> <li>8" injection-molded TCC (talc, carbon, and ceramic-filled) poly woofers <li>1" Teteron tri-laminate tweeter</li> <li>front-mounted bass and treble controls</li> <li>IR sensor knockout</li> <li>100% aluminum grilles will not rust</li> <li>frequency response 40-21,000 Hz (ñ3dB)</li> <li>6-ohm impedance</li> <li>handles from 10 to 150 watts</li> <li>depth behind wall: 3-5/8" (with 1/2" drywall)</li> <li>frame dimensions: 10-3/16" x 14-1/4"</li> <li>hole cutout dimensions: 9-1/8" x 13-1/8"</li> <li>warranty: 5 years</li> </ul>


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