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Product Image
Niles Audio Corporation CM953 Main / Stereo Speaker
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Description: FEATURES Integrated Woofer/baffle Design Delivers Greater Low Frequency Response By Employing A 9" Woofer Where Competitive Models Employ 8-inch Woofers Twist & Lock™ Baffle And Frame Mechanism Facilitates Quick Installation And Trouble-free Upgrades Injection-molded TCC™ (Talc, Carbon, And Ceramic-filled) Cone Is Extremely Rigid To Reduce Breakup, Lower Distortion And Provide Enhanced Bass Response Butyl Rubber Surround Damps Resonance And Provides Exceptional Durability 1" Fluid-cooled Teteron® Dome Tweeter Offers Ultra-wide Dispersion And Silky-smooth High-frequency Response 1 1/2" Fluid-cooled Teteron® Dome Midrange Offers Smooth Detailed Midrange Proprietary Bridge-mounted Tweeter-adjustment Mechanism Focuses The High Frequency Sound In Any Direction Up To 20° Without Diffraction Includes Flush-mount MicroPerf™ Aluminum Grille For A Clean And Unobtrusive Look , 3 Position Tweeter And Switchable Boundary Compensation Controls Provide For Precise Matching To Room Acoustics


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