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Product Image
JBL Eon15P-1 Main / Stereo Speaker
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Description: The EON10 G2 has the same appearance improvements as its larger, companion EON15 G2, including new black exterior material and a mini-mixer with three inputs. The EON10 G2 also features increased power with 125 watts for low frequencies and 50 watts for the highs. A perfect companion for the EON10 G2 is the EONSUB G2 powered subwoofer. Consistent in design with other EON G2 models, the EON SUB G2, with its 15” transducer, has 250 watts of low-end power, JBL’s patented Neodymium Differential Drive woofer design, Thermomaster™ cooling system and a low price. The EONSUB G2 was specifically designed to hold the EON10 G2 using receptacles built into the top of the SUB.


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