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Product Image
Boston Acoustics 336pt Designer In Ceiling Speakers
0 Reviews
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MSRP  349.00
Description: Where is that incredible music coming from?"" That will be your friends' first reaction to the 336pt, our high-performance ceiling-mounted speaker. The ""pt"" stands for pivoting tweeter. This feature allows you to aim the tweeter (which conveys the directional portion of the musical spectrum) for optimal coverage of the listening area. Yet it is small enough to mount in the space that an ordinary ceiling-mounted lighting fixture would occupy. The 336pt, despite its diminutive measurements, delivers plenty of rich, full-spectrum sound thanks to a neodymium-magnet-powered 0.75-inch tweeter and a Boston-built 6-inch copolymer bass unit. Plus, thanks to a unique space-saving frame assembly, you receive the benefit of a 6-inch bass unit in a space that other manufacturers require for a 5.25-inch speaker.


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