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Audioplan AF MK6 CRC
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Description: Features 4 Aeromer-insulated, signal direction optimized CRC litz wires in a star configuration with microphonic damping. The four litz wires are single shielded. Additional ground conductors are placed beside them. This arrangement is additionally protected with an outer shield against external interference fields. <P> <LI>Capacitance: 173 pF/m <LI>Inductance: 0,28 µH/m <LI>Loop resistance: 0,035 Ohm/m <LI>Exterior dim.: 12 mm <LI>Applications: High-level, preamp/power amp, digital connections and post active phono stage <LI>Assembly: Symmetrical and asymmetrical <LI>Connections: Standard connector: WBT Nextgen Cu* Cinch or Neutrik XLR, MO91 or WBT Nextgen AG* optional, others on request *Cu = solid copper, AG = solid silver <LI>Cable length: All practical lengths


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