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Product Image
Denon AH-C252
0 Reviews
rating  0 of 5
MSRP  30.00
Description: Dynamic sound from 11.5mm Neodymium magnet drive units; Ergonomic design for a snug fit in the ear; Gum coated housing to enhance sound quality and give tactility; canal type in ear headphone reduces external noise and lets listeners enjoy music; cables of equal length for left and right channels ro maximise sound quality; gold plated stero mini jack; convenient carrying pouch; comes with three sizes of ear pieces. Denon’s AH-C252 advanced in-ear headphones, which are equipped with our exclusive Acoustic Optimizer technology that provides balanced diaphragm sound pressure, minimizing cavity-induced colorations. The comfortable hybrid design provides hours of fatigue-free listening, and the in-ear design shuts out external ambient noise. Large 11.5mm Neodymium-driven diaphragms provide authoritative deep bass response, with an extended frequency range all the way up to 23 kHz.


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