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Zenith IQVC422 VCRs

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Product Description

- 4 Double Azimuth Video Heads - Four video heads assure peak recording and playback performance including distortion-free special effects.
- 19 Micron Video Head System - This latest advance in video head technology significantly improves EP picture quality.
- HQ (High Quality) Circuitry - Includes WC, DE and YNR circuitry for improved picture contrast, picture definition, clarity and luminance noise reduction during playback.
- Automatic Digital Picture Tracking - Automatically adjusts the video head control for optimum video playback.
- Clear Picture Pause/Frame Advance - A clear image when video is stopped and frozen on the main screen of the television, or slowly advanced forward.
- EZ Cleaner - Automatic head cleaner cleans the VCR video heads whenever a video tape is inserted, allowing for continued optimum picture performance. Limits routine head cleaning maintenance.

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