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Product Image
Marantz VC5000P
0 Reviews
rating  0 of 5
MSRP  750.00
Description: 5-Disc changer for DVD-Video & Audio plus CD-Audio / 10-bit video D/A conversion with 27MHz filtering / Coaxial digital output. The Marantz VC5000P is engineered for reliably exceptional performance in a wide variety of settings, from studio to office, RV to deluxe tour bus, even under the extremely rugged conditions of the average family room! Included custom rackmount kit and tough, solid build quality with only top tier internal components, make this the multimedia Disc changer you'll be using for a long, long time to come. 10-bit Video D/A conversion with 27MHz filtering for very high Resolution video & Color purity with excellent video S/N ratio. Dolby Digital/DTS support, coaxial Digital output for compatibility with Surround decoders. 24-bit D/A converters, 96kHz/24-bit DVD Audio frequency response: 8Hz > 44kHz, CD Audio response: 8Hz > 20kHz, Component, composite, and S-Video outputs, Remote control and advanced on-screen menu, RC5 remote connection. Loaded with convenience functions such as slow motion, freeze frame, multi-speed forward and reverse scan, chapter/track search and various repeat modes.


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