unknown Theater System Home Theater in a Box

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The result of nearly 2 years of diligent work by Energy?s engineers has resulted in the act6 system. Featuring many technological breakthroughs, these small, high style speakers are designed to work in any listening room, without occupying vital floor space. The slim aluminum cabinet is extremely rigid, while maintaining internal volume.

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What equipment do I need for a home theater system?

I have no knowledge on home theater systems. I bought a new TV and am getting a 5.1 speaker system for Christmas. How does it connect to the TV? I've heard things about AV receivers. Is one needed to hook this up? Explain in layman's terms please.[IMG]http://dailydigitaldeals.info/wp-content/uploads ... Read More »

BOSE Lifestyle V35 Home Theater System

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Bose Lifestyle 38 Series IV Home theater system - Black For $980

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Panasonic SC BT200 Home theater system @ $350

In order to truly appreciate the high quality images of Blu-ray Disc, the sound performance needs to be upgraded to match the images. Until now, it was difficult to fully enjoy Blu-ray Disc sounds because you had to install and correctly set up the speakers. But with Panasonic, this is no longer ... Read More »

Wabby Great Home theater system

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