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Product Image
Sony DAV-LF1 Theater System
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MSRP  1400.00
Description: The perfect home theater is missing something -- wires. The DAV-LF1 features Digital Infrared Audio Transmission (DIAT), which Sony developed to transmit the audio signals using infrared. It can maintain the original signal integrity of the most advanced high bandwidth media like HDTV and SA-CD. This means you wont have wires running down the length of your living room, just so you can set up your rear speakers. The total system power of the DAV-LF1 is a hefty 600 watts, and it includes a DVD/SACD/CD player, Bass Enhancement Function, CD/SACD Text, and Digital Cinema Sound System. Its time to step up to wireless surround sound. The DAV-LF1 is the home theater buffs dream (Platinum DVD Dream® System that is).


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