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Product Image
Aiwa XR DV700 DVD Home Theater System
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Description: Visually, Aiwa's XR-DV700 system definitely breaks away from the pack. Its ultra-compact DVD/CD player/receiver has a transparent top that allows you to see the disc as it spins. Full of other happy surprises, the XR-DV700 is a no-hassle way to fit home theater fun into smaller spaces like a bedroom, dorm room, den, or even an office.<br><br>The compact center console has Dolby Digital and DTS decoding to fill your room with multi-channel surround sound. Its DVD player also plays your CDs, CD-Rs, and CD-RWs. There's one set of audio inputs for connecting a stereo source (like a TV). An optical digital output makes it easy to make audio recordings to a CD-R or MiniDisc deck. Use the AM/FM tuner to listen to your favorite stations. The built-in amplifier supplies 30 watts to each of the 5 identical satellite speakers.<br><br>These voice-matched satellites deliver crisp, clear sound. The powered subwoofer has a built-in 55-watt amplifier that drives the 6-1/4"" woofer with ease, generating bass response that's surprisingly robust. Use the Electronic Graphic Equalizer to customize the sound to fit your tastes.<br><br>


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