unknown DVD-202G II DVD Player DVD Players

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This machine is designed for party rentaler, professionals and KJs in mind. The concept of Super CD+G format is simple. By compressing the audio tracks of a karaoke disc into MP3 format, you can reduce the file size by up to 90%. The songs are stored on a 9 Gigabyte double-layer DVD disc with a maximum capacity of 2,000 songs on a single DVD disc. This revolution Super CD+G DVD technology can hold more songs than the total capacity of 130 regular CD+G discs combined. The Super CD+G discs are convenient and economical for parties and rentals. From now on, instead of wasting time searching for your favor tunes, you can spend more time singing your favor tunes. Song ordering is very easy. All you do is punching in the 3 digits song number from the song book, and your song will start right away. No more swapping discs and no more scratched discs.

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