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Product Image
unknown BDP1 Blu-Ray Player
0 Reviews
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MSRP  499.00
Description: The BDP 1 isn’t just an exceptional Blu-ray Disc™ player in the Harman Kardon® tradition. And it doesn’t just upscale your existing DVD library to the 1080p standard. The BDP 1 is also your ticket to a world of interactive content with BD-Live interactivity, an exciting new feature of next-generation Blu-ray Disc media. Download games, ringtones and other special content from the Internet directly to the BDP 1 via the Blu-ray menu. Or create your own programming, with MP3, WMA and JPEG playback from the front-panel USB port. The BDP 1 is the most advanced Harman Kardon media player ever built, and the clear choice for high-defi nition video from any source.


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