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unknown CineTrek WDR800 Portable DVD Player
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Description: The LG KG800 is a smooth, chocolate-coloured slider phone. The external keys are actualy invisible, they light up red when ready to use. It has 128 MB internal memory with an MP3 player and MPEG4 video player. The KG800 also has Bluetooth and a 1.3 megapixel camera with flash and video record.This is the way the phone starts up: at first the greeting screen shows WOWLG portal ad, afterwards the dark-red backlighting gets activated ? overall it takes 30 seconds for the handset to become fully operational. Next to the power button you will find a dedicated button standing for Multimedia menu (MP3, camera). Newly developed interface connector, sealed up with a plastic stub, is positioned on the top ? it is compatible with USB-cable, charger and stereo-handset.


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