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Product Image
Sony D-VM1 3.5 in. Portable DVD Player
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MSRP  120.00
Description: Sony presents the D-VM1 DVD Walkman® Portable CD/DVD Player. Take this Portable Player wherever you travel and enjoy features like DVD Video (DVD-R, DVD-RW), VCD, and CD(CD-R/CD-RW) Playback, Virtual Surround Sound for Headphones and Speakers, a Built-in Remote Control, and Up to 4 Hours of Playback with the supplied Rechargeable Battery. Additional features include Dolby Digital , Dolby® Surround Sound and DTS® (Optical Digital Out Only) Audio Formats, and an LCD Monitor (3.5 ) with one-hand control buttons. Also make use of this player's simple connection to your home TV with the supplied Audio/Video Output Adapter! Sony entertains you when you travel with the D-VM1.


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