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Description: RCA DVD Recorder/VCR Combo DRC8300N <P> <LI> Recording Format: Tape - VHS; DVD - DVD+R/RW <LI> Playback Formats: Tape - VHS; DVD - DVD+R/RW, DVD-R/RW, DVD-ROM; CDs - CD-R/RW <LI> Inputs/Outputs: Coax, A/V composite, S-video, video component, optical digital audio <LI> Progressive scan video playback <LI> Internal Hard Drive: No <LI> Manufacturer''s limited warranty: 90 day labor, 1 year parts <P> Accessories Included: <LI> Audio/Video component cables <LI> S-Video cable <LI> RF coax cable <LI> Remote control with 2 AA batteries


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