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Panasonic DMR-EH75VS (80 GB) DVD Recorder / VCR / HDD Recorder
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Description: The Panasonic DMR-EH75 is the perfect all-in-one system. With one easy connection you have a DVD player, DVD recorder, a VCR and DVR all in one unit. DVD recorder: Record and play back your favorite shows and movies. The DMR-EH75 uses MEPG-2 compression for up to 8 hours of video on one disc, and uses single-layer DVD-R and DVD-RAM (recording up to 4.7 GB) for DVD recording. DVR: Browse and record shows directly to the internal 80GB hard drive with TV Guide's on-screen Electronic Programming Guide. SD card slot: Share your favorite moments with friends and family by simply loading your SD card into the built-in slot and transfer to the hard drive for viewing on the TV or burn it to DVD. VCR: Is your VHS collection collecting dust? Easily transfer those tapes to DVD with features like VCR refresh dubbing with advanced DNR, One-touch 2-way S-VHS dubbing and easy quick start for recording.


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