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Product Image
Magnavox H2160MW9 (160 GB) DVD Recorder / HDD Recorder
0 Reviews
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MSRP  279.00
Description: It is a boring Task watching content being recorded, wherein the temptation is present to multitask while Recording content, but then there is the fear that while using the system while it is recording you could possibly freeze the process and have to start over again. Magnavox has eliminated this fear with the HDD & DVD Recorder with Digital Tuner in that you can watch, forward, rewind, or freeze live TV while recording, and it even features an impressive 160GB HDD with up to 180hrs. of recording time. So you don't have to miss the exciting game, while watching soap operas with your wife. And now you can actually see reactions and vibrant scenes with 1080p up conversion and HDMI output, giving you impressive clarity, as if you were actually on site.


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