Amoi V8 DVD Players

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Product Description

  • Mini LCD Screen on the panel
  • Built-in real stereo speakers
  • Video input: Composite, S-Video
  • Audio output: Optical Digital Audio

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M.F X-RAY V8 & XXX PSU has arrived...

Both units received about one hour ago, each double boxed, and only the box with the PSU showing a little bit of Fedex tough love. Both units are in working order (have power) and the flyer in the V8 cautions to turn unit on for one hour before using to allow for any humidity and moisture to evapora ... Read More »

Musical Fidelity X-CAN V8

This unit is for a review of Musical Fidelity w/o Pre-Out put. I've had this unit for less than a week, but I feel like I've heard all I need to review this product. I had been in a pursuit of a quality headphone amp with a capability of decoding digital music via USB. But, my main reason was to ... Read More »


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