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Product Image
unknown Electronics NPD-702 7 in. Portable DVD Player
0 Reviews
rating  0 of 5
MSRP  85.00
Description: Get entertainment on the Go with the Naxa Electronics NPD-702 player. Choose from 16:9 Wide screen mode, or 4:3 Normal screen mode on this Naxa portable player, for an enhanced viewing experience. View from multiple angles of your choice on this Naxa DVD player, with a 180 degree Swivel screen. Moreover, the 7-inch widescreen LCD display of this Naxa portable player ensures an optimum entertainment experience. Connect your external storage devices with ease on this Naxa DVD player with an SD and MMC card Slot. Let the built-in speakers of the Naxa Electronics NPD-702 player mesmerize you with its unique sound output.


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