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Product Image
LG BD-640
0 Reviews
rating  0 of 5
MSRP  115.00
Description: When Blu-ray meets streaming with the LG BD640 Blu-ray player, who wins? You do! Thanks to not only high-def 1080p video and audio, the BD640 also upscales your DVD collection for better looking video. Add in the included Wi-Fi adaptor or other Instant Connect solution and get access to Netflix, YouTube, CinemaNow, and Vudu apps. DLNA compatibility even lets you get content from your PC to your TV. <ul> <li>Wi-Fi ready</li> <li>DLNA compatible</li> <li>Express reaction startup</li> <li>USB 2.0</li> <li>Simplelink connectivity</li> </ul>


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