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Product Image
Canton 6.1MX Speaker System
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Description: The new Movie 6.1-MX promises atmospheric, full surround sound. Its special feature: in addition to two satellites in the front area, the rear channels are portrayed with not just two but three loudspeakers. This guarantees maximum surround sound and communicates a more realistic feeling of being surrounded by the event. In addition to the five satellites, Movie 6.1-MX has a centre speaker. This perfects the realistic sound by portraying the human voice naturally and without distortion. It should also be placed near to the television. This ensures exceptional reproduction quality and relaxed listening. The Movie 6.1-MX provides the necessary push into the lower tone ranges. With a control unit to the rear it can tune the bass level and the transition frequency to the other members of the movie system and the conditions of the room in its phase relationship.


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