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Product Image
Nakamichi SoundSpace12
0 Reviews
rating  0 of 5
MSRP  4600.00
Description: NAKAMICHI SoundSpace ss12 Fast Facts Stunningly attractive as well as technologically advanced, the Nakamichi SoundSpace 12 has everything you need for a reference home theater except for the TV monitor. Five perfectly matched, controlled-dispersion speakers and two floor-standing subwoofers provide a smooth coherent 360-degree sound field, with wide dynamic range and extended frequency response. Seven channels of power amplification are built into the subwoofers: four in one subwoofer cabinet, three in the other. <p /> The Main unit is diamond-shaped, balanced on one point and made to be mounted either on a tabletop stand or a floor stand. This unit houses a vertically loaded DVD/CD player and two other independent vertically loaded CD players. A separate AV tuner/processor connects to the Main Unit with just a single cable. The processor can generate three ambient sound modes and decodes Dolby Digital and dts soundtracks. All of the audio and video connections are made from this AV Processor. <p /> A full function tabletop remote with LCD display is augmented by a second hand-held remote. Multi-Room, Multi-Source outputs can independently select and control any of the three disc drives in the Main unit.


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