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Product Image
Nakamichi SoundSpace 8.5 Theater System
0 Reviews
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MSRP  1200.00
Description: The SoundSpace 8 consists of a main system unit, a pair of compact satellite speakers, and a subwoofer. The main system unit combines an AM/FM tuner with Nakamichi's exclusive MusicBank 5-disc CD changer. With a variety of control functions and interface options, including a Mini-Disc recorder output connector, the main unit serves as the control center for the entire system. Nakamichi's legendary audio engineering expertise and extensive research into the characteristics of human hearing, has resulted in a loudspeaker system of particular merit. The SoundSpace8 employs a uniquely configured 3-piece satellite/subwoofer speaker system, that offers numerous use and installation options. The high-fidelity sound created by the satellite speaker system is ideally complemented by the rich, powerful bass delivered by the subwoofer. For easy remote control operation of basic functions, a compact simple remote is supplied. In addition, a full-function main remote is also provided.


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