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Product Image
Kenwood HTB-307 Theater System
0 Reviews
rating  0 of 5
MSRP  476.00
Description: The HTB-307 has everything you need for great home theater sound: an A/V receiver, five matched speakers, and a powered subwoofer. A powerful receiver (100 Watts x 5 channels) is the systems command center, providing Dolby Digital, DTS, and Dolby Pro Logic II 5.1-channel decoding for life-like surround sound -- and its perfect for your music, too. Active EQ matches the receivers performance to the systems five speakers (left, center, right, and two surround speakers) for maximum impact and detail, and the powered subwoofer provides the explosive bass sounds that add depth and drama to movies. The receivers coaxial and optical inputs provide high-quality connections for digital components like your DVD player and satellite tuner, and the HTB-307 comes with a Kenwood System Remote.


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