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Product Image
M-Audio IE-20XB Professional Headphones
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Description: The IE-20 XB professional reference earphones use the same revolutionary Ultimate Ears technology trusted by top touring artists and their sound engineers—and feature enhanced bass designed for music that is normally monitored on systems with a subwoofer. The IE-20 XB benefits from a dual-speaker design with integral crossover: The dynamic low-frequency driver delivers full, punchy bass while the precision-balanced armature driver provides crystal-clear mid-range and high frequencies. This results in a high-performance reference monitor system designed for critical listening during mobile recording/production of bass-enhanced music such as dance and urban genres—not to mention transforming the way your personal music/DVD/game player sounds. Other features include 16dB of isolation, professional over-ear loops, detachable/replaceable cable and universal fit kit. Simply put, you won’t find a finer set of earphones for delivering the bass you love.


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