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The EPIC Series gives a clear, precise and reliable sound quality and is the most comfortable of all music monitors ear buds, headphones or earplugs. They are compatible with all wired and wireless equipment that provides a standard headphone jack. This includes CD players, keyboard instruments, guitar processors, wireless belt packs, home stereos, iPods and MP3 players, mixing boards and multi-track recorders.

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Looking For A Set Of Headphones With Extraordinary Bass

I'm looking for a pair of over-ear closed back headphones that produce a alot of bass while keeping it defined and clear. I dont want the bass interfering with any of the other frequencies either. I also want a comfortable pair of headphones as well. My price range lies between $100-$200. Two pairs ... Read More »

Headphones - part of your optimal hifi set up puzzle

I have read quite a number of reviews regarding various brands and models of headphones. I personally believe a really good pair of headphones can make the difference between a good and fantastic listening experience. There's various brands I have tried over the years, I keep going back to my ... Read More »

Cass D amp, with USB DAC, preouts, headphones -$76

[url=http://www.musicalparadise.ca/mp/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=36&products_id=74]MP-302 Class-D Mini Amplifier Built-In USB DAC [MP-302] - $76.50 : Musical Paradise, The Art of Music![/url]Read More »

Home Theater Wireless Headphones Recommendation

I'd like to get some good headphones for night watching (especially since my new receiver has Dolby Headphone output!). I think wireless headphones are the best choice for home theater because actually I hate cables being tangled. I've recently come across these . My budget is £100 but I can spend ... Read More »

Marshall Major Headphones...

[FONT="Verdana"][SIZE="2"]For those who might not know, my son "Das Knucklehead" goes through headphones and earbuds like lunch. He steps on the cords, sleeps with em in his ears or on his heads, snatches or snags them on obstructions and shorts out the cables... Why does he do this? Because he's a ... Read More »

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