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JWIN iLuv™ i903 Consumer Headphones
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Description: The i903 frees you from the bondage of a wired environment using Bluetooth wireless technology. Not only that, but outside sounds that can be a distraction to pure music enjoyment or an annoyance during an important phone call virtually disappear, helping you focus on what you want to hear and not on what you have to hear. This swivel-designed noise canceling headset has comfortable soft-cushioned ear pads, and with its mini-USB connection you can attach to most audio devices using the included mini USB to 3.5 mm cable. Plus, using the audio transmitter with Bluetooth wireless technology (included), the i903 essentially transforms an audio device not equipped with Bluetooth wireless technology into one with it. Bluetooth wireless technology also helps you connect to your phone without being physically attached to it, freeing you to walk around and use your hands the way you would if you were talking to a person in the room with you.


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