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Product Image
unknown Audio J3WC-01 Headphones
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MSRP  30.00
Description: Featuring full metal housing and components, cold forged from solid aluminum core, a stunning anodized finish, a tactile L/R ID system, revolutionized flexible joints, laser cut passport, laser etched logo details, full spectrum hyper balanced micro drivers, and the legendary JBuds sound in the sleekest, sexiest profile ever for a perfect fit, the J3 Micro Atomic Earphones are the JBuds, redefined, part of JLab's futuristic design paradigm, the Atomic Wave.Building on JLab's legendary JBuds sound signature, the J3 Micro Atomic Earphones harness the superior resonance of carefully crafted aluminum housing with perfectly balanced full spectrum micro drivers to deliver a stunning level of acoustic performance. Their ultra slim, ergonomic profile is designed for easy grip and an amazingly comfortable in-ear fit. A larger-than-life 3-D sound stage features unparalleled clarity and definition.


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